Welcome to my web-site!rock climbing mountaineering mountain crag navigation hill walking scrambling 
The site is intended to provide an introduction to me and the mountaineering instruction that I can offer, along with a few added extras in the Gallery and Articles pages. 
For now though, I just want to say that you will not find the kind of off the shelf type courses here that you might find other larger outdoor instruction firms offering.  That is because I'm not attempting to compete with that kind of offering.....
The thing that sets me apart from other larger outdoor firms is that being a one man show means that I only work with very small groups, often just 1 or 2 climbers, or maybe a handful of hillwalkers.  This provides a perfect opportunity to tailor courses and provide bespoke instruction to meet the needs and aspirations of each client, allowing me to instruct clients entirely at their own pace.  I also pride myself on my ability to ensure that clients always go away happy, having learnt more than they expected and keen to come back for more.
That said, you will see from the pages listed that I have set out plenty of ideas for the kinds of things I can help you with.  I hope you enjoy surfing around the site and I look forward to hearing from you.