Attached here are various things that I've written.  I hope you enjoy them or find them'd be really interesting to get your feedback on this stuff, so please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail via the Contacts page.
My First Aid Climb : An article on my first aid climb - a solo of a 5 pitch C3 in Squamish, Canada.
Hasta la Vista Alpamayo : A short article of an attempt at Alpamayo, Peru.
How strong is my climbing gear?: A fairly self explanatory title, with some interesting facts to give you some confidence in your gear.
Learning the Ropes! : An article explaining some technical stuff about ropes, their properties, the best application of each type and their relative strengths.
How Long Will My Climbing Gear Last? : Again, fairly self explanatory from the title.
Knot Wizardry - Some Top Tips : Some notes I made for a short workshop given at the Outdoors Show 2011.