Client Feedback

Elaine - Outdoor Climbing Instruction Week

“You really are very good at what you do!”

Cat - Introduction to Trad Climbing
“It was one of the best days of my life!!”

Derek, Winter Skills Week

“Thanks again for a great week. Glad to have had your company and to have been able to learn from your skills.”


Neil, Winter Skills Week

Thanks again for your time and input this weekend; a very enjoyable and valuable experience.”


Chris, Registrar for Adventurous (Land & Water) Activities, Kent Scouts

“I feel I need to send my personal thanks and that of the Kent Scouts / IMC to you for the week in Scotland, and the opportunities that you gave ….  [The participants] have certainly gained experience, and had their skills stretched.  We do look forward to your company at another event…”


Julie - Outdoor Trad Climbing Weekend

Just a quick note to say thanks for your email and a massive thanks for a brilliant weekend!
We both had an amazing time and a really good laugh.  Thank you so much for pitching everything at our level and considering what we might want to do.  We have both been on a high about it since, and I know Phil loved the other days he spent with you both, he wouldn't shut up about it and showed me the pictures over and over again, just to rub it in I think!!”


Dave - Outdoor Trad Climbing Weekend

“Hi Ian

Thanks for the weekend’s training. We had an excellent time and the training was superb. I will be getting a nice big rack in the next week or so!

I have been trying to think of some constructive criticism but really don't have anything to criticise.

I think your attention to safety was excellent, we covered more than I expected and I came away confident to start leading routes, but not so overconfident that I am likely to tackle dangerous stuff in the near future.

I can't think of any more you could have covered in 2 days. I think the weekend was also structured very well and it all came together nicely when we led the route.

I will definitely try and book you some time next year to brush up and improve my technique.”


Robert - Outdoor Trad Climbing Weekend

“I'd really like to echo what Dave said. Throughout the weekend you were:

§         A really nice, friendly, supportive, patient and encouraging guy

§         Very safe, attentive and thorough

§         Well planned

§         Good student teacher balance (e.g. "Right Robert, where is crag #9?")

§         Gave me a great grounding in trad and general outdoor stuff

I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed learning all the new stuff and just being able to climb outdoors.”



Claire - Winter Walking, along with Napes Needle and Needle Ridge
“I think my main thought about the weekend would be that I felt very safe and comfortable all the time and I felt reassured that if anything went wrong you would know what to do. It was also good that you kept checking if we were warm and comfy all the time, when I’m out with friends no one gives a thought to the rest of the group!  I also felt that it improved my confidence, I don’t think I would have been able to do Napes Needle straight after a big climb like Needle Ridge with my usual partners. Although there wasn’t much 'teaching' I do feel like I learnt a lot, the whole weekend experience really inspired me to move on with my climbing and it’s got me all fired up now!”

Graham - Trad Climbing Experience

“Just wanted to say thanks again to you for taking me out on Thursday. I really enjoyed it and felt I learnt a lot from it. In terms of feedback, I thought you seemed very confident and professional, but made it fun too, and I always felt 'safe'.”


Ute - Advanced Self Rescue Skills

“Dear Ian

Many thanks again for teaching us the ropes at the weekend!

I think everybody found it extremely useful and it would certainly have been great fun if the weather hadn't been so poor.

Remembering everything might be a challenge, but I think we will try to get together on another wet day some time to practice in the trees...

It definitely worked well going through everything on a tree first, as it became a little bit more confusing perched on an uncomfortable stance.

Can't really give any negative feedback, sorry.

See you around soon I hope.

Best regards, Ute”


Ellie - Advanced Self Rescue Skills

“Dear Ian,
Thank you so much for your time and effort on Sunday. I found it really helpful. Here's a bit of feedback for you.
I thought it was very good to practise the techniques on horizontal ground first where you could see all the rope layout clearly and make it simple then take those techniques onto the crag and practise them in a more realistic environment.
Your explanation was clear and you were very patient, allowing us to make errors and then solve them ourselves where appropriate but stepping in at other times. We were helped to understand some quite complicated set ups in a very safe and clearly understandable way. A slightly more comfortable stance would have been better for the afternoon session although I realise real life might not always be like that. You were good at pointing out possible pitfalls and having the difficult position in the afternoon did help highlight areas where ropes or gear could get caught etc so perhaps trying the techniques on a few different stances would be helpful if there was time.
All in all I thought it was excellent and I learnt a lot. I now need to practise the rescues lots to keep them fresh in my mind.
Thanks again, hope to see you again soon.
Best Wishes,
17 Mar 2011, 07:00