Useful sites on technical climbing & equipment stuff:


Wild country’s web site explaining how cams work:


Fall factors:


Impact force and fall factor calculator:


Beal’s web site has all sorts of stuff on ropes (construction, uses, strengths etc.):



Advice on physical training for climbing:


Eric Horst’s site on training for climbing:


Dave MacLeod’s site:


Assorted climbing and mountaineering training tips:


Metolius website includes various training tips for fingerboards, as well as various other useful bits of info:



The all important weather forecast:


Excellent weather forecasts for mountain areas:


Metoffice site also has detailed information on mountain areas and a lot more besides if you’re interested in the weather and how it’s forecasted:



Other useful sites:


The eponymous UKclimbing site has all sorts of chat (mainly, but not certainly not only, climbing related!), if you can weed through the rubbish, some of it might actually be useful!: