The opportunity to move quickly and efficiently over moderate ground with incredible exposure all around is truly exhiliarating.  Scrambling is what planted the seed for my love of rock climbing - I started rock climbing to get better at scrambling!  Don't be surprised if it sucks you in the way it did me!
Moving beyond the Grade 1s though is often a daunting challenge, even for the most experienced hillwalker.  Crossing the line into the use of rock climbing equipment to ensure scrambles remain safe and yet still maintain their allure of efficient movement is perhaps mountaineering's greatest challenge.  Join me to demystify the techniques and equipment needed to open up a whole new world of airy and exciting movement through the mountains.
Another real benefit to going scrambling is that we can usually still do it in poor weather - it's therefore a great option for climbers looking to expand their mountaineering skills during the off season.
Here's some ideas to whet the appetite of the mountaineer in you:
An Introduction to Scrambling with the Rope
Demystifying the use of the rope and all that other shiney and clanking equipment behind the till in the shop!  Learn the basics of protecting yourself and your partner(s) on grade 2 and 3 type ground.
Topics include: Equipment Choice and Use, Route Choice and Route Finding, Belay Systems, Protection Systems for Ascent and Descent, Short Roping
The Welsh Classics
Cneifion Arete, Needle's Eye Arete, Shark Buttress, Jammed Boulder Gully, Clogwyn y Person Arete, this is true historical Welsh mountaineering at its best!  And bloody good fun too!  A weekend, or even longer, of doing these and you won't fail to be smiling from ear to ear!  Mix in a little instruction on the topics above, as well as plenty of others, and you'll soon be off on your own intrepid adventures in the mountains.
Cuillin Traverse
The big one!  Britain's true Alpine ridge traverse.  A guided traverse for those with some scrambling experience - contact me for prices and availability.